Break up your color with some highlights!

Is your color looking drabby, or are you just getting bored with one color? Break it up with some highlights and/or lowlights! There are many different ways and techniques to add highlights to the hair. You can have them chunky, natural looking, different colors, randomly placed, hand painted on the hair, or partial or full foils. Breaking up your hair color isn’t the only benefit from highlights. Highlights can add demention to your hair, and they can make a hair cut look more stylish. Adding lowlights in the hair will create depth and make your hair appear slightly darker. If using foils, you can do a full head highlight/lowlight or a partial. When highlighting, you can alternate your highlights and lowlights, it doesn’t have to be just one or the other. Does this sound like an option that you would just love to try? Call our salon today to schedule your appointment!




Weddings, Brides, and Bridal Parties!

Here at The Arthur Company Salon, we love to make your wedding day as special as possible! Everything from bridal hair, bridal makeup, airbrush makeup, nails, massages, facials, spray tans, you name it, we have it! At our salon, we specialize in formal hair and makeup artistry, while keeping up on all the updated styles for the wedding season. A week before your BIG day, stop in with your bridal party and enjoy Spa Pedicures, Hot Stone Massages, Deep tissue Massages, Shellac Manicures, Spa Facials, and the trial run for your hair and makeup so it’s one less thing you have to worry about the day of your wedding! As you get ready for your special day, we love to make you and your party as comfortable as possible. You are more than welcome to bring in some food to pick at, maybe some champagne to relax you and your wedding party! Your time here at The Arthur Company Salon is very important to us on your Wedding day.


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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is on the rise here at The Arthur Company Salon! Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure, that adds pigment to the skin, that resembles makeup such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, etc. It can also be used to enhance facial areas, and helps to camouflage imperfections. There are many more benefits with Permanent Makeup, but too many to list! Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing, but don’t let that scare you away! There is a variety of colors, based on what you are getting done. Permanent makeup will eliminate the time used to get ready for your day ahead of you. Call our salon today, to schedule your consultation!



What Exactly is a Keratin Treatment?

Often people wonder what Keratin is. Keratin is a natural protein found in the hair. Once the Keratin bond is broken in the hair it starts to become frizzy and dry. This often happens with overprocessed, overworked or curly hair. So what exactly does a Keratin Treatment do? Keratin Treatments are used to de-frizz the hair cuticle. Often, most think it’s used straighten the hair. The treatments take out 95% of the curl, but it will come back over time. Keratin Treatments are mainly used to help restore the hair back to its original state- healthy with no frizz. Here at The Arthur Company Salon, we offer 2 different types of Keratin Treatments. The express treatment can and will last up to 6 weeks, with proper care. With the Express Treatment, there is only an 8 hour wait to wash your hair! The full Keratin Treatment, can and will last 4-6 months, with proper care and a 72 hour wait period to wash your hair. The results are phenomenal, and clients are always 100% satisfied. Sound like something you would like? Call our salon today to schedule an appointment with one of our stylists!


Hair Treats Hair Extensions

The new generation of Hair Extensions, are here at The Arthur Company Salon. We offer Hair Treats Hair Extensions. What exactly are they? Hair Treats are 100% human remy hair. They are micro spheres that wrap around small sections of the hair. Hair Treats are damage free, and are easy to work with. You can use hair extensions in many different ways; add color, length, add hair for an up-do, and/or give a fuller look with thinning hair. Hair treats start out at 18 inches straight or curly, come in 40 different colors and we can cut them to give a style. You can also straighten and curl the extensions. Hair Treats are reuseable, they are not a one time wear. As your hair grows, your extensions grow with it. Every 6-8 weeks, your extensions will need to be pushed up, or “filled” for longer wear time. They blend perfectly in your hair and are nearly undetectable! Call our salon today for a free consultation with one of our stylists!


Now Offering Temptu Airbrush Makeup!

As we celebrate our 24th anniversary here at The Arthur Company Salon, we are now offering Temptu Airbrush Makeup. Temptu is the fastest growing next generation of makeup. Why you ask? Temptu delivers remarkable results! It is light-weight, natural looking, great for ALL skin types, and gives the look of perfect skin giving you a flawless finish. It is also hydrating for the skin and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Temptu also helps to camouflage imperfections in the skin. Temptu Airbrush Makeup System, is fast and easy to apply. There are NO brushes, sponges, or puffs needed. It is also an all day wear with no touch-ups needed throughout the day. So discover the look and feel of Temptu Airbrush Makeup today and call our salon to schedule an appointment!

Amazing Before & After results using TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup- great for covering acne

Amazing Before & After results using TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup- great for all skin types

Weddings, Updos, Airbrush Makeup

Yet another successful Wedding party was done at The Arthur Company Salon this past weekend! We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding party! We did all the up-do’s, makeup, and airbrush makeup for the bride and bridal party.

Airbrush makeup has many benefits, especially for your Big Wedding Day. It is a 24hr wear, with No touch-ups needed throughout the day, so you can still look gorgeous on your Big day. Not not mention, airbrush makeup is light weightvery natural looking and is great for ALL skin types. It also helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Overall it gives a flawless finish that is picture perfect!

Men Dye Their Hair?? … No, They Camo Color it….

I know everyone’s seen the box men’s hair dye in their local, CVS, Brooks, RIte Aid etc. However this is not what we are referring to when we say men’s hair color.

If you are partially going grey, white, or a mix of the both & have tried using a box color like the ones listed above, you know it’s a hott mess! Let’s evaluate what you get when you use a box color. You get a mess in your bathroom, a mess all over your face, messy towels that your wife complains about and I’m sure you got the dye all over your hands, cause come on, those silly gloves they give you don’t fit anyone’s hands!

Now lets look at your hair after you color it. It may be missing spots you couldn’t see. When it grows out you have HARSH grow out lines & the color usually comes out darker then what the box says.

Now what we do here at The Arthur Company Salon is a Camo color. It doesn’t color each and every white/grey hair you have. What it does is it blends it in. Its a smooth quick process done at the sink with no mess. The Camo is put on & left on for several minutes washed off & you are done. It will gradually fade out leaving a natural look & NO HARSH grow out lines.



Are you using the right hair products?

“Oh it smells good, I think I’m going to try it!” , “Do you think this will really help my hair?” These are things we say and question to ourselves all the time, when picking out our daily hair products. But are you helping or actually damaging your hair?

It smells good, we buy it. It says “will help bring back moisture in your hair,” we buy it. If it looks and sounds good, we buy it. But without actually knowing what to look for, the average person just assumes that any hair product will help their hair anyway they need or want. You might as well put on a blindfold and reach for the shelves!

Most drugstores or department stores will carry what we call “over the counter” hair products, but most of them contain alcohol, sulfates, and chloride that will actually dry out your hair even if it says will help restore moisture. If your stylists suggests something for you at the salon, they are recommending something that will help your hair. I mean what’s to loose if you try it? At The Arthur Company Salon, we have all the products necessary for all hair types and needs. Stop in to check us out!

Updos, Engagements, and Makeup

Its getting cold outside, and everyone is starting to get into the cuddle season! Cuddle season, means engagements, and that always calls for a party! What is better than to get your formal hairdos and makeup done at The Arthur Company Salon.

At our salon, we specialize in formal hair updos for all occasions! Braids, twists, all up, half up-half down, buns, curls, you name it we can do it! When doing an updo it is considered an art, and its an art that we take pride in. We love to see what we can do, AND the look on your face when its finished.

When we say makeup, we’re talking about every kind; Airbrush makeup, permanent makeup, or just a regular makeup application. Each of our makeup artists can and will guarantee your beauty!

So, do you have a party coming up? A special occasion? Or you just want to feel pretty. Call our salon today and schedule your appointments!


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