The Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

At The Arthur Company Salon, our clients leave feeling confident and gorgeous! Choosing the right haircut for your face shape is so important. Here are some points to think about when discussing your next look with your stylist!

Heart– Side swept, soft bangs focus attention towards the eyes and away from a pointy chin. Mid-length loose curls draws attention to a strong jawline, without making it look harsh.

Long– Fringes hide a long forehead, making them very flattering on longer face shapes. Add a blunt bang or a soft side fringe to switch up your style and make it more flattering for you.

Oval Long, textured, layered hair is great for an oval face shape. Adding layers accentuates your cheek bones, making it a very flattering cut. If you prefer shorter cuts, keep the back and sides trimmed and leave length & texture on the top, allowing your hair to highlight your facial features.

Round– The most flattering cut for a round face shape is any hairstyle that will make the face appear slimmer. Very short hairstyles generally won’t suit a round face shape as it makes your face appear bigger than it is; resulting in an unflattering style. If you are looking for a short cut, try making the front longer, an angled bob suits a round face- elongating it and making it appear more narrow and slim.

Square– A haircut that appears to narrow the face is ideal when you have a square shape. A modern bob is one of the most flattering cuts for a square face shape, softening the jawline. A center part with lots of textured layers tends to be a great cut for a square shape.










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