Ammonia-Free Hair Color!

Do you hate those harsh chemicals when coloring your hair? Is your scalp sensitive to the chemicals of hair color? Or does the smell of the ammonia in hair color bother you? We have got your answers at The Arthur Company Salon!

We provide ammonia-free permanent hair color! Unlike traditional permanent hair colors which are water-based, our ammonia-free hair color is oil-based, allowing the color to inject directly to the hair core. Ammonia-fee hair color, works just as good as regular color, including 100% grey coverage! Our ammonia-free color also maximizes high-definition color, with minimum stress on you hair. The shade palette offers vibrant reds, cool neutral tones, and rich browns, all with NO ODOR! Stop smelling those nasty chemicals and call our salon to book your appointment!

Permanent Makeup is on the Rise!

Everyone is ranting and raving about Permanent makeup! Even coming back for more! Permanent makeup is a form tattooing, but is considered a cosmetic procedure. It can be used in many different ways such as; enhancing features of the face, resembles facial features like eyebrows, lips, and eye liner, or can even camouflage imperfections.

At The Arthur Company Salon, our ink is organic and comes in a variety of colors based on what you are getting done. It can help reduce the amount of time used to get ready for your day in the morning. There are so many benefits to permanent makeup! Call our salon today for a consultation!


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