Break up your color with some highlights!

Is your color looking drabby, or are you just getting bored with one color? Break it up with some highlights and/or lowlights! There are many different ways and techniques to add highlights to the hair. You can have them chunky, natural looking, different colors, randomly placed, hand painted on the hair, or partial or full foils. Breaking up your hair color isn’t the only benefit from highlights. Highlights can add demention to your hair, and they can make a hair cut look more stylish. Adding lowlights in the hair will create depth and make your hair appear slightly darker. If using foils, you can do a full head highlight/lowlight or a partial. When highlighting, you can alternate your highlights and lowlights, it doesn’t have to be just one or the other. Does this sound like an option that you would just love to try? Call our salon today to schedule your appointment!