Hair Treats Hair Extensions

The new generation of Hair Extensions, are here at The Arthur Company Salon. We offer Hair Treats Hair Extensions. What exactly are they? Hair Treats are 100% human remy hair. They are micro spheres that wrap around small sections of the hair. Hair Treats are damage free, and are easy to work with. You can use hair extensions in many different ways; add color, length, add hair for an up-do, and/or give a fuller look with thinning hair. Hair treats start out at 18 inches straight or curly, come in 40 different colors and we can cut them to give a style. You can also straighten and curl the extensions. Hair Treats are reuseable, they are not a one time wear. As your hair grows, your extensions grow with it. Every 6-8 weeks, your extensions will need to be pushed up, or “filled” for longer wear time. They blend perfectly in your hair and are nearly undetectable! Call our salon today for a free consultation with one of our stylists!