Whats the difference between Gel Nails and Shellac?

Today, many people often get confused as to what the difference is between actual gel nails, and a shellac gel manicure. At The Arthur Company Salon, we are happy to say we offer both services. So now what’s the difference? A shellac manicure is done with a gel polish. The gel polish is cured or “dried” under a UV lamp adhering it to the nail surface. The Shellac can and will last up to 2 weeks. As it grows out, it will look similar to an acrylic growing out. Shellac also has an immaculate shine during the 2 week wear. The polish is easily removed by soaking your nails in pure acetone.

Gel nails are a nail enhancement and similar to an acrylic, but softer. So if you are rough on your nails, gel nails might not be for you. Here at our salon, we prefer to sculpt the nails as opposed to using tips. Gel nails are “cured”  with a UV lamp. Gels have remarkable shine and NO odor! While having shine and no odor, gel nails are also flexible. They are not as easy to take off as the Shellac, and it is recommended to have them professionally taken off. Gel Nails are becoming more popular by the day.

Both of these nail options are GREAT for Brides, Special Events, or just an everyday wear. Call the salon today to schedule your nail appointment with one of our nail techs!