Do You Have The Perfect Haircut?

How do you know if you have the perfect haircut? Does it fit your face shape? Is it the right length? At The Arthur Company Salon, we will guide you in the right direction for the perfect haircut!

As you look for a haircut you like, the idea of bangs, layers, and length always gets tossed around. But the famous question always comes out, “what do you think will look good?” When asked this question as a stylist, we put many things into play. What shape is your face? Do you want bangs, and if so what kind? Would you like it to be all one length or lots of layers? If you choose layers, what kind of layers; short or long. Most of all, we want you to Love the cut.

At our salon, we can cut your hair anyway you like to have it. From bobs, to long layers, short layers, men’s cuts, one length, you name it we cut it. So, have you decided what you would like? Call our salon today to schedule your appointment!